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An innovative technology and concept, nanoscience has tremendous potential to impart a distinctive edge to the textile industry. At present, there are a huge number of products in the market that are based on nanotechnology and are readily available for commercial usage. We, Nano Fabrics India, are a practical and professional organization, offering various products for textile industry by utilizing nanotechnology. Nanotechnology Fabrics and Nanotechnology Textiles are two of our most demanded products, which we develop at our ultra-modern infrastructure. In the domestic and international markets, we are known as the most reliable manufacturer, exporter, importer and supplier. In the near future, we plan to introduce Nanotechnology Fabric Trousers in the market.

All the new technological breakthrough in the field of fabrics have been appropriately incorporated by our technicians and pattern designers. Nano fibers are generally made of composites polymeric material. This material emits far-infrared rays and negative ions. The combination of these two assists in the improvement of blood circulation and helps in relieving stress, increasing mental alertness and aids in the faster recovery from injuries and fatigue. All our Nanotechnology Fabrics have superb performance and we have not compromised on their look, feel and comfort.

Nanotechnology and Clothings

The term nanotechnology comprises nanos, which is a Greek word meaning dwarf (abnormally small). Nano material have unique and exclusive properties like high economical potential that have attracted many scientist, researchers,  businessmen (especially belonging to textile industry).


In the year 1974, Prof. Nario Taniguchi stated, "Nanotechnology mainly consists of the processing of Separation, Consolidation & Deformation of material by one atom or one molecule." The nanotechnology basically involves controlling of size and shape at nano scale. This technology can be applied at molecular level, atom by atom for the development of large structures having better molecular organization. Fabrics that are based on this technology offer unique qualities to the garments apart from offering various health benefits to the wearer.


Nowadays, scientists use nano particles for improving the benefits of clothing. The fabrics are coated with a thin layer of zinc oxide nano particles. This enables the clothes to give better protection from UV radiation. Even, there are few clothes that have nano particles as little hairs or whiskers on them. This helps in repelling water and other material, hence ascertaining the stain-resistant features of the clothes. With the application of nanotechnology, fabrics can be made extraordinarily  resistant to dirt, water, oils or other chemicals.

Continuous research and development in the field of nanotechnology have made possible to incorporate various other attributes in the clothings. Some of these attributes are as follows:
  • Electronics for regulating temperature and monitoring health
  • Lighter impact resistant material
  • Shape-changing and color-changing abilities.

New Bread of Nanotechnology Textile Items

Widely popular as the reliable company, we are dedicated to offer a new bread of Nanotechnology Textile Items to our customers. All the nano coated fibres are developed by depositing many layers of coating onto the fibre's surface. Each layer has the thickness in nano meter range. For this coating process, a number of processes have been used, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages. We are using the most efficient process for this purpose. This ensures the salient features of static resistance, strength and durability of our products that are as follows:
  • Nanotechnology Fabrics
  • Nanotechnology Textiles.
In the near time, we are planning to introduce Nanotechnology Fabric Trousers in the market that will have better color fastness and crease retention property.

Nano Fabrics With Negative Ions & Far-Infrared

Nano fabrics are made with composite polymeric material; emitting far-infrared rays and negative ions. Nano health garments, that are engineered with nanotechnology have proven their worth in maximizing their applications from improved penetration onto the core of fibre. Some of the salient attributes that make Nanotechnology Fabrics better than the standard ones, are as follows:

Anti UV ray

Heat conductive


High elastic material


High strength

Cell-activating, increases production of negative ions & copper ions

Improvement in color fastness

Comfortable to wear

Improves collagen secretion for wound recovery

Crease retention

Releases stains


Resists spills


Speed dry

Easy to wash

Static resistance

Exceptional antibacterial effect, anti-mold

Strengthens blood flow and clears up swelling

Major Functions & Applications

The products are known for dissolving free fatty acids and subcutaneous fat. It also assists in strengthening the skin elasticity and achieving good amount of weight loss as well as a lean body. Some of the other manor functions & applications are as follows:
  • Decreases Leucorrhea (white discharge)
  • Excrete toxins from body
  • Firms up the tummy, breasts & hips
  • Gives long-lasting effect
  • Increases the metabolism & preventing exhaustion
  • Prevents accumulation of germs
  • Prevents hemorrhoid
  • Provides the optimal enhancement in blood circulation
  • Relieves pain in the waist, constipation etc.
  • Relieves the body of metabolic wastes
  • Removes foul smell
  • Slims & shapes up the body naturally and cost effective
Few Other Special Attributes & Precautionary Measures
  • Life of Far Infrared inside the material is 3 years, minimum
  • Can be used anytime, especially effective in night
  • Use of any slimming gel or slimming cream with nano fabrics is not recommended
  • During initial usage of these fabrics, urine is dark and smelly which indicates removal of excessive fat
  • Recommended for post delivery use for getting the body back to normal.

Nano Finishes

With a rapid pace, nanotechnology is becoming an interdisciplinary domain. Many professionals like biologists, engineers, chemists and physicists are involved in studying various substances at the nanoscale. Nano particle or nano bead are the basic level of nanotechnology, which is commercially used in the textile and clothing industry. This technology has resulted in the introduction of new and innovative finishes, especially chemical finishing.

Chemical Finishing

This type of finishing has been made more controllable and more thorough. Its process includes bringing the individual discrete molecules or nano particles of finishes to the designated places on the textile material. This has to be done in a particular orientation and trajectory through the application of thermodynamic, electrostatic and other technical approaches.

Functional Finishing

In the field of textile finishing, application of ultra fine particles that are developed using nano technology is swiftly increasing. This application is aimed to impart moisture control, ultra violet resistant, anti bacterial and other multi functional properties to the apparels that have manufactured from natural fibers such as cotton, wool, silk and synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon. These properties are achieved by changing the fabric at molecular level through the application of nano technology process.

Apparels that are based on nano technology are unstainable, have superior liquid repellency and provide complete wrinkle resistance. These are becoming highly popular nowadays. The new Nano Technology Fabrics and Textiles offered by us have the ability of allowing the water and oil spills to easily bead in & roll off the fabric, without any penetration the fiber.

Easy Care Hydrophobic Nano Finish

There are two methods of getting hydrophobic surface viz creating rough structure on a hydrophobic surface and by modifying a rough surface using material having low surface free energy.

Executive Profiles

Jim Curley, President & CEO
  • In May 2006, he became the President & CEO of the company. Also, he became a member of Nano-Tex, Inc.'s Board of Directors.
  • Joined Nano-Tex in June 2005 as CFO and handled financial as well as administrative functions along with supply chain and chemical purchasing
  • Over 20 years of experience in executive positions in the consumer products, retail and computer industries
  • Started his career as a CPA with Arthur Andersen & Co. and has been a CFO for four publicly traded companies, three of which he led through initial public offerings
  • Holds a BBA from Texas A&M University and was a CPA registered in the state of Texas.
Previous experience:
  • Before joining Nano-Tex, he was CFO of LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. (NYSE: LFA) from 2001 through 2004. He led the company through their IPO in July 2002. While at LeapFrog, Jim Curley led the company to become the #3 U.S. toy manufacturer, with the figures of $680 Million and $73 Million Sales in the net income.
  • Also, Jim was CFO & CAO of The Gymboree Corporation (NASDAQ: GYMB) from 1992 through 1998. Here he led a high-profile IPO and contributed significantly to the company's growth
  • He was an officer with the U.S. Air Force, having the rank of Captain.
  • He was a Presidential Systems Analyst with the USAF at the Pentagon from 1978 through 1981
Dr. Kelvin Chen, Senior Vice President, R&D and Technical Operations
  • Kelvin joined us in December 2007 as Technical Director. He is responsible for overseeing worldwide quality assurance and mill technical transfer.
  • He was promoted to head all global R&D and technical operations in October 2009
  • Holds a PhD from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, along with a MS and BS in textile chemistry from the Beijing Institute of Chemical Fiber Technology
Previous experience:
  • Before joining Nano-Tex, he was most recently General Manager of the R&D department at Bondex International Textiles, which is the leading manufacturer of innovative textile products for brands from LL Bean to Polo Ralph Lauren.
  • He also has significant academic & research experience as a professor and the main operator of the department of textile chemistry at the Wuhan Institute of Textile Science & Technology.
  • He has been published in numerous scientific textile journals and publications
Bob Moran, Senior Vice President Sales, America
  • Bob Moran joined Nano-Tex in January 2007 as Senior Vice President Sales for the Americas
  • He is a veteran of branded apparel and footwear having over 25 years experience in sales and marketing
  • Holds a bachelor of business administration from San Francisco State University
Previous experience:
  • He was executive vice president of Mulberry Neckwear, a licensed neckwear company, whose customers include Macy's, May Company, Saks Department stores, Kohl's and Dillard's
  • He was also the Senior Vice President of sales/US for Dr. Martens, a global branded casual footwear company.
  • Before that, he worked for Levi Strauss & Company. He held different senior sales & product merchandising roles, culminating as vice president of sales for department stores. Here, we had the responsibility for strategic account relationships.
  • He also has experiences in managing day-to-day operations at Joe Boxer, Incorporated, as executive vice president, and launching and developing Oh- La-La! Incorporated, a specialty coffee bar and cafe retail company, as president.
Dirk Keunen, Senior Vice President Business Development, Europe
  • Dirk Keunen joined Nano-Tex in April 2005 and is responsible for business development and licensing in Europe
  • More than 20 years experience in the textile industry
  • Graduated from the Vrij Instituut Marie Haps in Brussels Belgium as translator in English and Russian
  • Participated in several marketing and management training programs
Previous experience:
  • Worked at Outlast Technologies, where he was responsible for building a European organization and licensing strategy along with founding the Outlast Europe joint venture
  • Before that he managed the European Sales and Marketing activities for Burlington Industry's uniform, workwear, protective wear and active wear business
  • Prior to that, Dirk worked for European market leaders Klopman International and Royal Ten Cate. Here, he specialized in the uniform, workwear and protective wear market segments
  • He also managed a garment manufacturing company in Holland, specializing in hospital and career apparel
Mark Brutten, Senior Vice President, Marketing
  • Mark Brutten joined Nano-Tex in 2004 as senior vice president of marketing
  • Over 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising
  • He has developed and led strategic marketing, branding and advertising initiatives across a range of industries including consumer packaged goods, technology, media, hard-goods, soft-goods and the Internet
  • Holds a BS in marketing and advertising from Indiana University School of Business.
Previous experience:
  • Mark was vice president at Addis, a leading brand strategy and design firm. Here, he developed brand platforms for companies in the domain of consumer goods, technology and fitness arenas, including Intel, Dole, Maytag and 24-Hour Fitness.
  • Also, he was vice president of marketing and business development at Productopia
  • Before that he led the brand marketing efforts at, Excite and Segasoft, where he oversaw the development of three-time Clio award-winning work
  • He was also the marketing director at the E.J. Brach Corporation, where he spent 7 years developing, launching and marketing Brach's confections, achieving a significant increase in that brand's market share and revenue
  • He started his career at Young & Rubicam, a leading global advertising agency.

Quality Assurance

Nano Fabrics India specializes in nano technology fabrics and textiles. We are manufacturing all these products with the application of nanotechnology and from different raw material such as polyester, 100% cotton, 80 to 20 cotton-polyester, 60-40 cotton-polyester etc. The unique combination of these qualitative material and new technology has made our fabrics and textiles the most favoured brand at the international level. Careful implementation of nanotechnology is done by us so as to ensure qualitative attributes of our fabrics such as spill resistant, stain repellent, wicks away moisture, and static resistance: all of this without any sacrifice on the comfort of apparel.

A brief of various particles that play a crucial role in ensuring high quality of Nanotechnology Fabrics is given below:

Clay Nano Particles

Composed of various hydrous alumino silicates. Hence, has various properties like chemical, heat, electrical resistance. This results in imparting flame retardant anti corrosive finishes to the fabrics

ZnO Nano Particles

Can impart UV Shielding in fabrics & can reduce static electricity of Nylon fibres

TiO2 & MgO Nano Particles

Photo catalytic activity of these particles can break harmful & toxic chemicals and biological agents. Hence these impart self-sterilizing function to the fibres

Silver Nano Particles

Anti microbial & anti mould property of silver particles is utilized to impart anti odour & ultra fresh finishes to the undergarments & socks

Modern Infrastructure

We are using an assortment of textile machinery in the manufacturing process for various Nano Fabrics and other products. Owing to the high efficiency of these machines, we have acquired the monthly production capacity of 25 Lacs meter in 25 different color fabrics. In the manufacturing process, the most important task for us is to synthesize the nanophase material. For this purpose, there are two methods viz. top down approach and bottom up approach.

The top down approach involves the breaking down of bulk material into nano sizes (such as mechanical alloying). In the bottom up approach, the nano particles made by building atom by atom (for instance inert gas condensation).

Amongst the synthesis process trends, one of the popular one is to pursure nano scale emulsification. Through this process, the finishes can be applied onto the textile material in more through, uniform and precise manner. Also, emulsification of finishes can be done into nano-micielles that are made into nano sols (or) wrapped in nano capsules. These have the ability to adhere to the textile substrates in much uniform manner.

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